More Snow This Week: Featuring Some Lake Effect

Posted Sunday, April 15th, 2018 by marcelcaron
snow level
Snow levels in Logan, UT. (photo courtesy

Hey skiers,

Last Thursday/Friday’s storm made for some great runs, and wild clips like this one from @Snowbird resort Friday:

These marked the last runs of the season for many Utah resorts, but not quite the last hoorah from mother nature.

Still able to squeeze in some skiing sometime this work week? Watch for a powder dump in the canyons early on. Here are the details:


Another cold front will cross northern UT and deliver some snow to Wasatch resorts. I expect there to be a lake-effect component to total snowfall and snowfall variability within the impacted area.


Precipitation beginning with frontal passage sometime Monday evening/night, lasting through the AM Tuesday.  Moderate uncertainty.


Highest amounts in the Cottonwood canyons (small uncertainty), however snowfall across the Wasatch range (small uncertainty). Small accumulations in the valleys are possible (moderate uncertainty).


A couple of inches across the Wasatch range, 3-5 inches in little Cottonwoods, and locally higher amounts are possible (high uncertainty).

Comments on Lake Effect:

The Salt Lake will have had two days of warm temperatures and April sun by Monday night. Given that, plus a moderately cold air mass behind the front, could bring us enough instability for a brief lake effect period after the front passes. Next, the fetch (over-the-lake distance) of the wind flow will be largest sometime early Monday morning, at which point I’d expect a maximum in the strength of the lake effect.

Last week, we saw a lake effect period that brought several inches of extra snow to Utah County the west benches of Salt Lake County. However, there is some uncertainty in the length of Tuesday morning’s lake effect period, and therefore uncertainty in snowfall amounts for the areas impacted.

Enjoy the snow this week!


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