6 inches in Crested Butte

Posted Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 by Andy Park

We will get a slight disturbance over the next few days but not much in terms of snowfall (relative to what our winter has been like). On the plus side bluebird skies over the rest of the week. Air quality will most likely become a concern near the end of the week.

Right now skiing is the last thing on my mind; too busy welcoming this little guy to the world (I only skied 4 hours today)! Meet baby Jack!

Beautiful images from .64micrometer GOES 17 Satellite, woke up here in Crested Butte to about six inches of fresh snow and a happy baby! Temperatures are super warm with light winds as this trough exits the region. But don’t get jealous, their base is around 56 inches…. Which is what we got in some places in Utah for one storm.

Short Term:
Looking at current analysis and GFS Ensemble runs there is an upper level trough digging across the Pacific Northwest which start to impact our neck of the woods sometime this evening. As Trent mentioned in the previous forecast it doesn’t look like much for the Salt Lake Wasatch. Looking at integrated water vapor transport it appears that the Cascades will leave the Wasatch Front wishing for more. While this system amplifies as it crosses the Rockies pressure will build upstream in turn will amplify and move over the western seaboard Tuesday morning leaving us under a northwest flow.

This pattern could bring about 2-4 inches of snow to some parts of the Wasatch but given how great this season was it’s hard to get excited about this. Even the one outlier that always goes HAM is still struggling to go over 8 inches. Temperatures at mountain top height don’t get too low either, HREF models indicate around 12-13 C for this next few days. 

Long Term:

This is the GFS Ensemble picture for this weekend…

Sad face. Not much going on. The song lyrics “under pressure” come to mind! Thanks for reading! -Andy and baby Jack

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