Another Good Storm

Posted Friday, February 23rd, 2018 by Alex Weech

It has been quite a good storm today. The roads in the valleys (sans benches) have been clear for the most part, but the snow has been piling up in the mountains. Alta reported 8″ by 4 PM, and it’s still falling (as of 4). The sensor at Alta-Collins picked up 0.4″ of snow water equivalent, which would mean a healthy 20:1 snow ratio. Not quite white smoke, but definitely still good powder.

There are two storms on the immediate horizon. We get a break tonight and through most of the day tomorrow. It should get windier as the day goes on and the clouds will thicken before the next round of snow starts late in the day. There’s a chance for some pre-frontal snow, and the northern Wasatch have a somewhat higher chance of taking advantage of that.

Once the sun goes down snow will be widespread in the mountains, though there is a chance it will be showery in nature. The models have been predicting snowfall totals in the mountains similar to today’s storm, though the fact that it will be a night storm will make roads messier. I’m forecasting 3-5″ in most of the mountains and 5-8″ in the Cottonwoods.

The next storm will be Monday, and, as the image below shows, how it will behave is not yet determined. This ensemble of models shows how with today’s storm (on the far left) and Saturday’s storm all the lines are close together and there is not much known uncertainty. But for Monday’s storm there’s a wide range of known possibilities, and, of course, a large fraction of possible storm outcomes fall outside the ensemble range. This ensemble is predicting anywhere from 0″  to 25″ Sunday night through Monday with a mean of about 10″. I’m hoping it’s a good one to keep up this snowy pattern.


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