Bright Sunny Day in the Mountains

Posted Saturday, January 12th, 2019 by Alex Weech

It’s been a dark and chilly day along the Wasatch Front. It actually was snowing a bit in some places under the cloud. The air quality improved a bit today compared to the last few days. That’s mostly because there was a layer between the ground and the cloud where the air was mixing and the pollution could disperse.

Up in the mountains it was bright and lovely as could be. Of course it was very busy up there, but that’s to be expected in weather like this. Tomorrow is POW (Protect our Winters) Day, so be sure to carpool or take UTA to the mountains! The weather will be much the same tomorrow–clear blue skies with undercast to the west.

View from Snowbird's Hidden Peak this afternoon
View from Snowbird’s Hidden Peak this afternoon via National Weather Service

After Sunday, the weather will start to change again. Monday will be nice in the mountains, but high clouds will start to move in in the afternoon. Tuesday will bring a very weak storm to the area. It’s too early to say right now how much snow it will bring to the mountains, but it’ll at least be some refreshment. Also it might even be able to stir up the cold air pool and dissipate some of the pollution.

It will be a very stormy week next week compared to the past one. There’s the weak storm Tuesday afternoon I mentioned, and then there will be a strong storm between Thursday and Friday. If the pollution doesn’t go away Tuesday it’ll surely go away Thursday. Right now it looks like the mountains are going to do very well from the Thursday/Friday storm. And, if we’re lucky, the clouds will clear out before the lunar eclipse Sunday night. Be sure to keep an eye on the forecasts over the next week!

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