Cold day, snow on the way!

Posted Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 by Tory Peters

TL;DR: The Wasatch remains cold and will get windier moving into tonight, with more precipitation on the way tonight and tomorrow. The New Year will bring a lull in weather, but offer a great opportunity to spend some time in the sun. Don’t be fooled by the lull in the storm, avalanche danger is still considerable with the potential for fatal avalanches, so please be cautious if you’re headed into the backcountry and head to The Utah Avalanche Center’s website for a full forecast and breakdown of the current avalanche problems.

LWIR showing scattered high cloud tops over Utah today. Courtesy of

Nowcast: Utah remains in the low pressure system of the last week, but winds have died down a bit for this morning. Temps are in the single digits with west southwest to southwest winds in the teens to low twenties, picking up throughout the day. Gusting on ridges this morning could reach into the low 30s, increasing throughout the day to the mid 40s by tonight. It will remain overcast for the day. There is a chance for traces of snow throughout the day, but tonight is when we will start to see the snow accumulate, looking at 3”-4” overnight in LCC. 

Short-Term Forecast: This low pressure system will remain over Utah into the weekend, with the potential to bring more precipitation. Snow will fall tomorrow into Friday, with potential for more snow into the weekend. Temperatures will stay low and dip even further moving from Thursday to Friday. 

LCC snow accumulation forecast, showing the accumulation for Thursday moving into Friday and Saturday.
Courtesy of

Mid-Long Range Forecast: Models are suggesting that the trough will start to decrease moving into the New Year. This will bring an increase in temps but a decrease in precipitation, but nothing like some sunny days to enjoy the new snow we’ve gotten in the past week! 

Snowfall/Precipitation Forecast: 

  • 3”- 4” inches overnight in LCC 
  • We could see anywhere from 10” – 20” from tomorrow to Saturday 

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