Great Weekend Haul, and More Midweek

Posted Monday, March 25th, 2019 by usw_admin

The weekend brought another foot of snow to the high mountains, and some snow all the way down the the benches. Snow rates were especially good early in the morning Sunday when 2″ per hour was falling for a bit at Alta. This was some dense stuff though, as tends to happen later in the season.

After that storm cycle, a high pressure system moved in, and now it’s sunny and quickly warming. Spring is definitely here in the valleys. The temperature has been flirting with 40°F in the upper Cottonwoods, and it’ll push 50°F over the next 2 days. Thankfully temperature doesn’t have much impact on snowmelt rates, at least it’s dwarfed by the impact of the sun. The sun is as strong now as it is in mid-September. The snow pack on the back side of the mountains is ripe, but the higher elevation still have time.

Snowpack temperature via NOAA
Snowpack temperature via NOAA

The next storm is Thursday. High clouds will start tomorrow, and their bases will lower going into Thursday. Right now it looks like the cold front will come through in the morning, and most of the precipitation will be with the front. The Cottonwoods are looking at 8-12″ of snow, and snow levels will be around 6000′. I’m somewhat worried about a dust storm coming before the cold front. Strong south winds will start overnight tonight, and the longer they blow the more dust gets in the air. However, we did just have a soaking storm, so hopefully the soil stays put.

Stay tuned for more details.

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