Ho, Ho, Snow

Posted Friday, December 24th, 2021 by Tory Peters

TL;DR The storm brought snow overnight to the cottonwoods, with more on the way during the day today. This low pressure system will persist for the next few days, offering the chance for more snow. The avalanche danger is extreme at upper and mid elevations so be careful if you’re heading into the backcountry and head to the Utah Avalanche Center for a full forecast. 

Alta’s Albion Basin webcam this morning.

Nowcast Temps are in the low teens in the cottonwoods. The West to Southwest wind is in the mid 20s with gusts into the 40s, potentially increasing as the day goes on. Snow will continue to fall throughout the day and into the night. The day will be overcast, but the storm has moved much of the pollution out of the valley offering good air for the holidays. 

The first model shows the snow ratio, which will stay high and even increase over the next few days. The second model shows the snow accumulation, which will continue to rise as the weekend progresses thanks to the low pressure system that is over Utah.

Short-Term Forecast This trough that is over Utah shows no signs of leaving. Models are suggesting that a brief pause in precip overnight will pick up again tomorrow with more snow accumulation as the storm continues. Winds will continue to be in the 20s to 30s.

Mid-Long-Range Forecast As the weekend continues into next week, more snow will continue to fall, ideally bringing storm totals into the range of two feet or more. Temperatures look to be dropping into the low teens and single digits as we move into next week and winds will continue in the 20s to 30s. This low pressure system that is bringing snowfall now shows no signs of moving on, offering continued chances of precipitation over the next week. 

Snowfall/Precipitation Forecasts (Friday – Saturday)

Baldy 10”-15” into Saturday night 

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