Hundred Inches

Posted Saturday, March 17th, 2018 by Alex Weech

It started snowing early last night in the mountains, and it’s dropped 13″ thus far in the Cottonwoods. For the first time this season, Alta-Collins has reached 100″ of snow depth. Snowbird also is reporting 100″.  It’s nice to finally be in the triple digits. Chances are it will keep snowing in the mountains through the end of the day, and I expect another 3-6″, giving a storm total in the neighborhood of 20″. These spring storms sure can produce.

Sunnyside Webcam via Alta
Sunnyside Webcam via Alta

After this storm winds down, we’ll have a rather quiet week. Showers are possible in the evenings several days, especially Sunday and Tuesday. But by and large it’ll be a great week to get out there. We have all this fresh snow, it should be mostly cloudy for the week, and mountaintop temperatures should stay below freezing at least until Wednesday. Perfect weather for the students on spring break.

Peaking ahead into the longer-term, Friday looks like a good time. Many models are producing around 2″ of water, most of which would fall as snow in the mountains. Right now the GFS weather model is producing an atmospheric river set-up, but a lot of pieces have to fall into place before we can determine what’s actually going to happen. It’ll be something to watch in between trips into the mountains this week.

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