I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Posted Monday, December 23rd, 2019 by Kevin Dougherty

As it has been raining sideways all day here in South Carolina as I am visiting my family for Christmas, back in Utah is preparing for a White Christmas. As it has already began snowing up in the Cottonwoods this afternoon, more showers will move into the area this evening.

Through Tonight:
The valley will see primarily rain, while the mountains will see snow. Total accumulations will be on the lower side tonight. The Cottonwoods should see anywhere from 3-6″ overnight.

Christmas Eve and Day:
Tomorrow, models are pointing to dry during the day, with precipitation moving in after sunset. The SREF plumes point to roughly 5-8″ overnight Christmas Eve. Snow will continue through the night with upwards of 1 inch of total precipitation. However, the models still show a significant amount of spread of snow totals. The members show snow totals through Christmas anywhere from 3-25″. This will be one of those storms that needs to be paid attention to closely to hone in on the exact numbers. However, if your looking to take some runs on Christmas Day, it should be better conditions than where I am. Fun Fact: South Carolina averages 4.7″ of snow a year, so I will not be riding during Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate any other holiday!

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