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Posted Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 by Johnathan Stoddard

TL; DR: A low pressure trough concerning Northern Utah will bring light snowfall starting early Tuesday afternoon with more intense snowfall beginning Tuesday night lasting into Wednesday. A winter weather advisory is in effect from Jan. 3 – Jan. 6 from NWS. Temperatures in the valley on Thursday will increase turning any precipitation into rain, however the Wasatch resorts will continue to see snowfall. The chance of precipitation reduces after Thursday as a high-pressure ridge will budge its way into the region dropping the humidity.

Nowcast: The high-pressure ridge has moved its way out of the region and a low-pressure trough is making its way toward northern Utah. The moisture band for this storm is headed from the pacific NW and will only impact Northern Utah with precipitation and snowfall. Temperatures are in the low to mid 20’s with a light wind from the WNW. Expect high winds with the incoming storm from the WNW. With warming temperatures and high wind speeds with this storm, avalanche danger is expected to rapidly change so reference Utah Avalanche Center for backcountry adventures. Also make sure to check UDOT before traveling as road conditions will become increasingly dangerous as this storm develops.

Short-Term Forecast: Snowfall will begin on Tuesday morning bringing 0-6” during the day. Tuesday night to Wednesday morning will add an additional 12-20” of snow in higher Wasatch resorts. Winds will blow from the SW Tuesday and then shift to the WNW on Wednesday at 700 mb (roughly 9800 ft) increasing in intensity with the shift from 25 mph – 45 mph. Higher peaks such as Mt Baldy will see gusts up to 65 – 80 mph. Winds will calm down Wednesday evening along with snowfall. Temperatures will slightly increase with this storm from the lower to upper 20’s.

University of Utah Atmospheric Sciences Department

Long Term Forecast: A high pressure ridge will move its way into Utah Thursday morning dropping the humidity and stopping any precipitation. This high-pressure zone will move to the east quickly only lasting about a day until it’s replaced by a low pressure system on Friday night bringing more snowfall overnight into Saturday. Snowfall is expected to persist for the majority of Saturday and end by Sunday as another high-pressure ridge will move into the region.

500 mb Geopotential Height & Anomaly (Tropical Tidbits)

Snowfall Forecast Totals:

Solitude/Brighton: 20 – 30”

Alta/Snowbird: 20 – 30”

Deer Valley: 15 – 25”

Park City Base: 10 – 20”

Park City Summit: 20 – 30″

-Johnathan Stoddard

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