Late Christmas Presents

Posted Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 by Steven Mammano

TD;LR: After a brief storm today (Tuesday, 12/22) brings in some light snow to the mountains and high winds, high pressure will once again take over until after Christmas.

Nowcast: Today’s storm should bring 3-5″ of low-density snow to the upper elevations of the Wasatch. With temperatures at the resorts hovering near zero overnight, it is sure to be light. Unfortunately, winds could be gusting as high as 50 MPH and make large drifts, once again adding a dangerous element to the already scary snowpack.

GFS wind speeds at 10,000 feet and 2m surface temperature, night of 12/22. Via

Short Term: We are looking at having a cold and dry leadup to Christmas. Valley high temperatures will hover between 30-40 F and spend a good amount of time below freezing. Winds will stay light and some sunny, bluebird winter days will be here. Stay cautious while skiing in the backcountry with the freshly blown around snow.

More moisture is headed our way after Christmas – December 27 Model via

Long term: Post-Christmas is looking optimistic for good incoming snow. We will be getting a few days worth of storms continuing through New Years Eve, bringing in a healthy amount of fresh snow. Those storms look to be bringing some snow to deprived areas of southern Utah and southern Colorado, which has not happened much so far this year.

Steve Mammano

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