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Posted Monday, December 28th, 2020 by Jackson Sponaugle

TLDR: A storm system coming from the southwest is expected to bring a few inches to the Wasatch Range Monday into Monday night, while larger accumulations are expected in the southern mountains.

Nowcast: Utah remains under a southwesterly flow aloft today that is supporting higher accumulations in the southern mountains. The storm is just starting to accumulate snow in the Wasatch. A view of Alta below shows current conditions. It is a cold morning with moderate winds, but skiing conditions should be fairly good today and tomorrow.

Short-Term Forecast: Today, expect snow to increase throughout the day and into tonight. We are hoping to see 4-8 inches in the cottonwoods, and 1-4 inches near Park City. As we look forward to tomorrow, the trough is located to the south, moves to our east. This trough will be replaced by a weak and temporary ridge that will stay in place through Wednesday (seen below). Expect mostly clear skies and breezy condition Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday as Utah remains under the ridge.

Long-Range Forecast: The next storm is expected to impact Utah on Thursday, but the intensity will be about the same as the current storm system for the Northern mountains. The good news is that we are seeing a shift in the long term pattern. This means more frequent storms, less valley inversions, and a building of the snowpack (we need it). If we look at the snow totals for Alta, we are far behind the previous two years, and are unlikely to catch up. The previous two Januarys have added over 100 inches to the snowpack at Alta… that would nearly double our current snowpack. We can only hope.

Jackson Sponaugle

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