A little snow to start the New Year

Posted Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 by CJ Sawyer

TL;DR: Some snow tomorrow in the Wasatch followed by a slightly stronger storm for Tuesday. Heavy snow for an extended period not expected anytime soon.

Nowcast: A weak shortwave trough moved through this morning bringing some mid level moisture and clouds to the mountains. Only a few flurries are associated with this wave and little to no accumulation has been observed. Some strong crest level winds with Hidden Peak gusting to 58mph today with temperatures in the mid-teens.

Short Term: It hasn’t been a great start to the Ski season. Far from it actually with most of northern Utah sitting at 60-70% of normal snow water equivalent (SWE).


This is really unfortunate and looks to continue. While we will get several chances in the next week, this is not a great setup to getting large storms. A longwave trough sits off the west coast sending shortwaves into the Pacific Northwest.


A few of these shortwaves will dig enough to the south to impact Northern Utah over the next week giving us some snow. The first of these arrives tomorrow and will likely bring a few inches to most of the Wasatch. The SREF plumes for Powder Mountain can be seen below and shows about 4 inches accumulating. Expect 1-5 inches through most of the Wasatch.


Long Range: Expect no snow to fall late Sunday through about Monday evening. This next storm will likely be a bit stronger and bring more widespread higher accumulations though not as much as we would like. Looking farther ahead, things don’t look great right now with dry conditions continuing as we head toward mid-January.


CJ Sawyer

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