New Year, New Snow?

Posted Friday, January 1st, 2021 by Steven Mammano

TL;DR: Cloudy skies and short spurts of snowfall will be the theme of the next few days, adding up to around 3-5″ of fresh in the next week. A series of small storms will make up these totals, hitting in bulk Monday through Wednesday.

Nowcast: Friday and Saturday morning will stay cold and cloudy down low and not see much (if any) precipitation. Upper elevations will poke through the clouds and make for some bluebird skiing.

Clear skies at Alta 11:30 am this morning while the valley stays cloudy, top of the valley clouds can be seen down canyon. Photo courtesy of

Short Term: This weekend we will see some light accumulation (~1″) Saturday afternoon, and not much else in terms of precipitation. Daytime highs at the resorts will stay below freezing with cloudy skies, making it hopeful that any new snow will stay soft for a few days. This combined with low winds up high lean towards making these conditions best-case scenario for the low amount of precipitation.

Long Range: The next storms will begin late Monday night (1/4) and then have a break in the precipitation for majority of the day on Tuesday. Some more will be added late on Wednesday and continue into Thursday. Expect around 3-5″ of new, light snow and light winds. We will see another week of entirely sub-zero temperatures at Alta as well.

Steve Mammano

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