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Posted Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 by Steven Mammano

TL;DR – Alta is reporting 20″ in the last 24 hours, and it’s still coming down. Snow will continue through tomorrow and be followed up by a late-week storm.

Nowcast – If you are lucky enough to find yourself at a resort today, the conditions will likely be a high of the season. Or, if you find yourself in the valley because of the LCC full day road closure, tomorrow will be great as well. Upper Little Cottonwood is seeing temperatures in the high teens and continuous snowfall throughout the day, with already 6″ since this morning. The valley will see flurries throughout today and tomorrow, without significant accumulation. Some parts of the Wasatch Front were lucky enough to hear the bang of some thundersnow last night.

Nearly everything skiable in the mountains today is at an extreme level of avalanche danger. Via

This season has been truly historic in an unfortunate way for avalanches in the Wasatch, with all high and mid level aspects having reached an extreme level of danger today. This is the first time with such a broad level of extreme danger in many years, with most locals not being able to remember the last time this happened.

Short term: This first wave of the storm will begin to die out tomorrow, with another on the way which is set to arrive for Friday (yet another powder panic weekend) and continue into Saturday. That storm looks to be a bit smaller, but still should deliver between 6-8″ of fresh snow on top of the 30″+ that we received from the current storm.

U of U Weather Center

Long term – The late week storm should hold onto some good skiing through the weekend. We will see some warmer temperatures coming through after that storm into early next week which should give the valley some nice weather.

-Steve Mammano

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