Posted Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 by Peter Veals

As I write this around 10pm, it is nuking in the Wasatch! Not by snowfall amount though, but by liquid equivalent. Rain or very dense snow is falling at most sites, meaning that although many sites have already received >1″ of water, snowfall totals are maybe 6″. That’s some serious concrete, but it should cover the tracks well.

Snowbasin snow stake is lookin good!

Fortunately temperatures are dropping with the passage of a cold front a few hours ago, and the snow density should drop accordingly. Snow levels are also dropping, and should get down to the benches by the morning. Precipitation will continue through the day tomorrow, beginning to taper off toward the evening. That leaves us with quite a while to stack up some more snow, which means we will easily hit the snowfall numbers Taylor forecasted, and should likely go even higher than her 16″. Wooohoo!

Looking out further, it looks like another round of precip Friday night into Saturday. Enjoy!

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