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Posted Saturday, February 13th, 2021 by Jackson Sponaugle

TL;DR: Light snow overnight will intensify through today bringing major accumulations to the Cottonwoods. Tomorrow will be a brief break from the snow before a potentially stronger storm Monday.

Nowcast: In the past 24 hours, Alta has recorded 7 inches (seems a little low to me), Brighton and Snowbird: 11 inches, Park City: 3 inches. There was a light dusting overnight, and it is currently snowing and near 20 degrees Fahrenheit in the resorts. If you are not already up the mountain in the Cottonwoods, you are probably not skiing this morning. Parking has been full for a while. Here is a current look at Alta.


Short-Term Forecast: This storm looks to be shaping up quite well. The current trough continues to dig southeast today, which give the central Wasatch favorable northwest flow. Here is a look at the upper air height anomaly for later today.


High precipitable water values along with cold cloud tops also make this storm favorable for the Wasatch range. The storm will intensify through the morning hours and into the afternoon. For Alta, it looks like we could see 6-10 inches by 5 PM and another 4-8 overnight. 10-18 inches in the cottonwoods in the next 24 hours is the best case scenario for now. I would expect snow totals to come closer to 10 inches for most of the cottonwoods. Park City could get 7-12. Here is a look at the HRRR for later today. Notice the strong bands of precipitation that roll in.


Long-Term Forecast: Sunday should be a more mild day in the mountains, with only a couple inches in the early morning, and becoming partly cloudy before yet another storm system on Monday. This storm could bring even more snow than the previous storm. This storm on Monday will stick around into Tuesday and possibly early Wednesday. Snow totals are still uncertain, but this has great potential for the central Wasatch. If we look at the current run for Alta Collins snow totals, you’ll see the steep curve that is todays storm, and then another potentially larger bump starting on the 15th around 18Z. Right now Alta claims they may get 2 feet of snow Monday-Wednesday, but this may be a bit optimistic. This is what we need to keep an eye on in the next day or so.


Enjoy this storm for now and be safe.


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