One last blast

Posted Thursday, December 30th, 2021 by Peter Gombert

TL;DR: Wow, what a week – and it just keeps coming! This storm will continue to roll through Utah through Friday. With the new year will come a break in the snow.

Nowcast: Currently, there is still snow coming down in the mountains and is overcast at the valley floor.

Image courtesy of College of DuPage

Above is the radar image at 2:30 MST. We can see an area of high reflectivity corresponding with the Cottonwood Canyons (circled in pink). I don’t think that the snow will stop anytime soon up there. Alta is reporting 2″ on the day.

Short-Term: This storm will continue to move through northern Utah throughout the evening and into tomorrow morning. Weak snow showers should continue in the mountains throughout the afternoon. After the resorts close, there will be a cold front that should pass through northern Utah just after sundown. We can see this frontal passage, and associated increase in snowfall rates in the accumulated snow from the SREF:

Source: University of Utah

We can see that this storm is by no means over, with the brunt of the storm coming in overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. It just keeps coming!

Long-term: The storm will exit the region with the year on Friday evening. It could stick around a bit longer in the Cottonwoods due to the associated NW flow.

As we enter 2022, there is a break in the snow as we transition out of this active pattern that we’ve been experiencing the past few weeks. The GFS is playing with a ridge building around the 10th, however the EURO doesn’t have this feature. At least the models aren’t in agreement that this active pattern will completely stop. I’ll take it.

As the sun comes out and there is more snow to play in, remember that we are experiencing some dangerous avalanche conditions. Be safe out there folks.

Snow Totals: Cottonwoods: 12-15″, PC: 11-13″, Northern Wasatch: 10-12″

~Pete Gombert

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