One Last Storm?

Posted Friday, April 14th, 2017 by Alex Weech

Yesterday’s storm ended up being a disappointment for the mountains. We weren’t expecting anything much, but I know I was holding out hope for a shower or two up in the mountains. Alas, all we got was some dust on the snow. The frontal passage in the valley dropped temperatures by 20°F, and the temperature difference was still strong in the mountains with Alta-Collins seeing a 13°F cool-down in one hour. And high temperatures today were much cooler than they were for the last few days–the first day since Sunday that we didn’t break 32°F.

We have one more day that won’t break the melting point in the mountains (at least in shady spots–the sun is intense), and then we’re back to spring temperatures. By Sunday mountaintop temperatures will be flirting with 40°F, though the 50s will hold off for a while. We have another storm on the docket, though details are still a few days away.Screenshot_20170414_210853

The spread on this ensemble highlights how there is a general concord on timing with a storm arriving Tuesday afternoon. However there is no consensus with precipitation amounts, and small changes in how the atmosphere evolves will lead to diverging storm totals. Another thing that’s up in the air (pun not intended) is the temperature of the storm. While most guidance leans towards a very high snow level at least for the first few hours of the storm, I can’t rule out something colder and snowier.

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