Potential for a Late Holiday Gift

Posted Friday, December 25th, 2020 by Corey Bois

TL;DR: Sunny today, with some light snow accumulations forming tomorrow. Keep eyes out for next week.

Nowcast: Temps in the valley are currently in the upper teens, highs will reach up to 40. Winds are gentle from the south. The mountains have temps in the mid 20’s and are expected to reach a high in the upper 30’s. This morning has some thin high level clouds that will dissipate as the day goes on. With a ridge currently over Utah there will be no precip for Christmas day.

Current high over Utah, however the east coast is getting pounded with rain (tropicaltidbits.com)

Short-Term Forecast: The high pressure will move eastward today, with clouds developing tonight and bringing some light snow accumulations into the Wasatch on Saturday. Current expectations are 2-5″ with a snow to liquid ratio of 15-20. This should help relieve some of the valley inversion as well.


Long-Term Forecast: More precipitation is expected to develop over Utah from Monday-Tuesday as the ensemble forecasts are showing a trough making it’s way from the west. The mountains may see snow in the 6-12″ range. Will be a great way to enter the new year if this verifies.

Accumulated 24-hr Precip Valid 11am Tuesday, Dec 29th (tropicaltidbits.com)


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