Prepare the Snorkels

Posted Monday, February 15th, 2021 by Ben Klein

TL;DR: The next 48 hours will bring large amounts of snow to the Wasatch Mountains with cold temperatures setting us up for some more deep blower powder days!


Nowcast: Alta and Snowbird have each reported 2 inches overnight. The storm is currently moving in from the Northwest and should impact the Central Wasatch by midday. Mountain temperatures today will be in the low to mid 20’s while the valleys should see temperatures in the mid 30’s. Wind in the mountains shouldn’t be too much of a factor today as it should not exceed 20 mph. Snowfall should ramp up as the day goes on, so I expect last chair to be the best chair.

The 15Z SREF snow totals courtesy of Utah Weather

Short-Term Forecast: In the next 48 hours the mountains of Northern Utah should see 1-3 feet of snow. Alta and Snowbird could exceed that margin. A SW flow will come in with the front of the storm, then a shift to a strong NW flow in the evening. With cold temperatures we will truly get the best bang for our buck as we should see upwards of 15-20″ inches of snow per 1 inch of water especially through the night. During the day today I would expect the Cottonwoods to get 6-10″ inches while the Wasatch Back could receive 3-5″ inches. Overnight another 8-12″ in the Cottonwoods and 4-8″ for PC and DV. Tomorrow the storm skiing will only continue with another 5-9″ in the Cottonwoods!


Long Range Forecast: High pressure will move in on Wednesday just after the system passes through. There is a chance for some storm energy to brush us this weekend, but models are in disagreement if this system will get pushed North or not. We will have to wait and see, but it doesn’t seem like the active pattern is going away just yet, but for now let’s enjoy this storm that should bring plenty of happiness to the Wasatch Mountains!

A very factual quote from the Wasatch’s very own Drew Petersen



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