Quick-Hitter Followed by Mild Weekend

Posted Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 by Kevin Dougherty

Mid-week report coming at you! After last night’s quick-hitting storm that brought little accumulation to all the resorts, another quick-hitter is will move through tomorrow. However, not much is expected to amount at any of the resorts from this one as well. Details below!

Short Term Forecast
On the backside of the trough associated with last night’s snow showers is a large amount of moisture that will move into Northern Utah tomorrow afternoon and lead to some snow showers. The time heights plot below shows that there is plenty of moisture throughout the atmosphere to allow for some precipitation, but only lasts for a short period of time before dry air associated with an upper-level ridge pushes into the region on Thursday night and will last through the weekend. Snow totals are only expected to be about 0.5-2″ at most.

Time heights showing plenty of moisture throughout the atmosphere from Thursday morning through Thursday afternoon. (via weather.utah.edu)
SREF plumes indicating underwhelming accumulation at Alta. (via weather.utah.edu)

Long Term Forecast
Following this quick-hitter, we are in for some mild weather over the weekend with temperatures down in the valley reaching the lower to mid 50s. At this time, nothing is expected to be record-breaking, but temperatures will be well above average for the beginning of February. Could be a good chance to toss the football around before the big game Sunday!

Snow-wise, the warm weather won’t be great. The resorts have been receiving a lot of snow, however, the liquid water equivalent is actually below average. LCC is the only area where the resorts that have greater than 100″ bases. BCC, Park City, and the other resorts are all sitting at 84″ (Brighton) or less. We are in desperate need of a very wet storm to help build those bases to cover a lot of the underlying rocks, trees, etc.

Our next system to keep an eye on will move into the area Sunday night and Monday. A little too far out to be talking total accumulations, but the NAEFS plumes have it looking very healthy and with a decent amount of liquid water associated with it as well. Keep an eye on the forecast over the weekend, and maybe start wearing your pajamas inside out and backward now to get some luck and hit those higher ensemble members.

Until next time!

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