Quick Post from the Road

Posted Thursday, December 26th, 2019 by Luke Stone

TL;DR: More light snow for Utah but nothing significant on the horizon until later next week.

Just a quick update from the road tonight. I am chasing a big snowstorm to Southern California. I just got into Rancho Cucamonga a little while ago. Mount Baldy (in Cali) could see upwards of 3-4 FEET and there was just a tornado warning in Santa Barbara! Very exciting storm that will deliver a few more inches to the mountains of Northern Utah.

A trough is digging off the coast of the Western US and will become closed off, delivering a massive blow to Southern California and moderate impacts to the Southwest. Utah will see mainly light snow from this system over the next few days. Our attention then shifts to the latter part of next week, where both the EURO and GFS agree on some snow, but not how much. Once again, channel your inner Napoleon Dynamite and do your best snow dances.



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