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Posted Monday, January 4th, 2021 by Pauline Kneller

Nowcast: Right now, temperatures in the Cottonwood Canyons are in the low thirties, looking at a high for the day of 31F at the top of the canyons. Skies are still partly sunny. It’s quite breezy up there as the southwesterly winds are blowing around 10-15 mph. This afternoon, a storm system will be rolling in bringing higher winds and snow.

Alta at around 1:30. Mostly clear morning, but the clouds will start rolling in soon! Courtesy of Alta Ski Reosrt.

Short-term forecast: Snowfall will begin this afternoon/evening and continue through tomorrow late morning/early afternoon. Higher winds will start this evening and last through tomorrow evening, blowing at speeds of 15-20 mph. Tuesday’s temperatures should be in the lower twenties in the Cottonwoods and mid to higher twenties in Park City, but temperatures will drop throughout the day to around 14F in Little Cottonwood. The snow will clear up tomorrow evening, while winds will calm down in the evening to around 5-8 mph. Wednesday is looking like it will be clear and mostly sunny with no expected snow as we experience some ridging with higher pressures through the near future. Temperatures will again be around mid-twenties and mild west-southwest wind should be expected.

GFS model showing accumulated precipitation. Expected SLR is 15:1-20:1 for some lighter weight snow tomorrow. Courtesy of Tropical Tidbits.

Long-term forecast: As high pressure system will be presiding over the valley yet again that should last the next couple of days. Snow could be expected on Friday evening/Saturday morning as a small low pressure system is seen on the GFS and the NAM, and the GFS is looking promising with some more reasonable precipitation totals.

Snow totals: No new snow today as of yet, as skies have been mostly clear. This evening and through the night, should bring about 4-6 inches of new snow and up to a total of 6-8 inches for the snowstorm total. Even if it’s not the massive pow day we’re all hoping for, our snow base is still looking rather wimpy so we could use any bit of snow we can get!

NAM Snowfall total for tonight/tomorrow’s storm. Showing up to 8 inches of snow for the Central Wasatch, and up to 12-16 inches a little further north!
Courtesy of Utah Weather Center.

Pauline Kneller

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