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Posted Thursday, February 4th, 2021 by Pauline Kneller

TL;DR: Snowfall from last night accumulated up to 4-8” in the Central Wasatch, with Big Cottonwood getting 8”. Today, sowfall through late morning, moderate winds, and temperature high of 15F. Upcoming storm tomorrow evening and through the weekend will bring more snow.

Nowcast: Due to snow and winter storm conditions the past couple days, the Winter Weather Advisory is in place until 3 pm this afternoon. Snow accumulated around 4-8” last night at the Central Wasatch resorts. Snowfall will continue until late morning, and the cloud cover will last throughout the day. Winds today will be and around 12-15 mph, and temperature highs will be around 14F.

Snowbird’s Hidden Peak Cam at 9am this morning. Courtesy of Snowbird Resort.

Short term forecast: With cold temperatures, the snow to liquid ratio is holding around 20:1 providing us with the soft and dry snow that Utah is quite well known for. The storm front that passed through the past few days is weakening as drier air is flowing in from northern Utah. Temperature highs will remain in the mid-teens through tomorrow evening, but strong breezes will bring the windchill down to subzero temperatures. Some weak troughing and continued northwesterly flow will bring in another small storm system which will hit the Wasatch Mountains starting Thursday evening continuing into Friday, predicted storm totals around 6-10”.

GFS at 500 mb shows upper level northwest flow and pressure. Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

Extended forecast: Utah is in the outskirts of a low pressure system centered in the Dakotas and will be sitting between a high and low pressure system throughout the weekend. Pressures will drop at the beginning of next week and strong upper level northwesterly flow will hit Utah at the beginning of the week. The weekend will trend incrementally warmer with highs in the mid-twenties and chance of snow at the beginning of the next week.

GFS Showing accumulate precipitation throughout the next 42 hours. Showing that the Wasatch will see 1.5-2″ of water which could lead to some respectable snow accumulation this weekend. Courtesy of Tropical Tidbits:

Snow totals: About 4-8” of snow fell last night and around 3” yesterday. Another 1” of snow to fall today. Snow on Friday to accumulate an additional 5-9 inches.

SREF Model Snow Accumulation. Courtesy of

Pauline Kneller

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