Some Storms on Horizon

Posted Monday, March 18th, 2019 by usw_admin

TLDR:  Sunny and warm on Tue then clouds on Wed.  A storm will favor southern UT on Thu and provide some snow Thu-Fri in northern UT.  Then a relatively quick storm favoring northern UT Sat-Sun.

Next Couple Days:  Tuesday will be sunny and slightly warmer.  As a storm approaches Wed we’ll start to see some afternoon clouds with continued warmth.

Mid-Range:  A low-pressure system will move into southwest UT on Thu with likely 5-10” for Brian Head and Eagle Point.  The same low will impact northern UT late Thu into Fri but current forecasts have the center of the low staying south and northern UT on the periphery.  The locations of precipitation bands on the periphery of closed or nearly closed lows are notoriously hard to pinpoint, so some areas might get 4-8” while others get 2-4”.  Check back as we get closer.

Long-Range:  A relatively fast moving but better organized cold front and precipitation band are forecast for much of the state Sat afternoon through midday Sun.  The precipitation will favor northern UT but will be short lived and I’m not expecting huge accumulations.  Below is an ensemble probability of places seeing > 1” of precip over the next 7 days…which would amount to roughly 10-12” of snow.   Decent odds, but I’d like to see it higher.  Click on the “figure” for a bigger version.



NAEFS 7-Day Probability of Precipitation Greater Than 1". Valid 18 Mar 12Z.
NAEFS 7-Day Probability of Precipitation Greater Than 1″. Valid 18 Mar 12Z.

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