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Posted Sunday, March 8th, 2020 by Tanner Visnick

TL; DR 2-6 inches of new snow fell last night with several more inches today. Expect sunny weather in the morning with increasing cloudiness through the afternoon. A weak disturbance will move through on Monday night, dropping a couple of inches in the Wasatch.

Good evening USW readers. I am once again on the road so this will be a quick update. Today the we had steady snowfall in the morning and some spotty showers in the afternoon. Temperatures have remained quite warm and the new snow is creamy. Skies are clearing this evening and we should expect partly cloudy skies and freezing temperatures in the high country (might be a little crusty tomorrow morning).

Tomorrow will be mostly dry before another disturbance moves through tomorrow night. It’ll be soupy in the afternoon with temperatures in the 30s at the resorts and and nearly 60 in the valley. FYI, we tied the record high of 70 at Salt Lake International on Friday afternoon so if you thought it was anomalously warm, it certainly was.

Expect 1-3 inches of new snow Monday night. If the snow today was creamy, then expect the snow on Monday night to be of the cheesecake variety (Bridger Bowl shout out there ;)). Any bit of soft snow at higher elevations (except shaded north facing) will clump up by Tuesday afternoon so get ready for some dense push piles.

A bit more snow on Wednesday night, then we’ll look ahead to the weekend for our next chance for a substantial storm. Think snow!

Tanner Visnick


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