Spring has Sprung

Posted Saturday, March 27th, 2021 by Pauline Kneller

TL;DR: A small dusting last night brings us into a mild and sunny weekend. Highs will mostly be in the mid-thirties today across Utah resorts.

Nowcast: The trailing end of the postfrontal northwest flow brought the resorts a trace to an inch of snow last night to the Central Wasatch resorts. We are now seeing a high pressure ridging system setting in throughout this weekend, giving us warmer temperatures, clear skies, a cool breeze, and some lovely spring skiing conditions. The temperature highs today will be in the low thirties in the Cottonwood resorts, mid-forties in the resorts in the Wasatch Back, and mid-to-high thirties in the resorts in both the Northern Wasatch and Southern Utah.

Park City Ski Resort mountain cam at Silverlode showing some true spring skiing conditions. Courtesy of https://www.parkcitymountain.com/

Short-term Forecast: Sunday will be much like today; conditions will be clear and sunny, there will be some high and thin clouds in the sky, the winds will pick up a little more as the ridge sets in (speeds will be in the low-to-mid teens), and temperatures will continue to rise into the low forties as the stable air mass parked above us will continue to warm. The bulk of the ridge will pass through this weekend, and by early Monday morning, a trough will start to dig down into Utah from the northwest. A slight cold front and advection of moisture will accompany the leading end of this trough, and around an inch of snow will be deposited on the Central Wasatch resorts. Powder Mountain and Snowbasin will be slightly favored in this weather pattern as they are expecting around 2-3” of snow. The snow will be rather wet and dense as temperatures will only drop to around freezing. The snow will be met with some considerable westerly winds prevailing in the 20 mph range, gusting up to 40 mph or even higher on the ridges.

GFS model showing late Monday morning conditions shows the front marked by a strong pressure gradient, high winds, and a patch of moisture. Courtesy of weather.utah.edu

Long-term Forecast: Through Tuesday morning there will be chance for snow. Conditions will clear up again by Tuesday evening as there is an incoming ridge from northwest that will move into Utah and should prevail throughout the week. Sunny skies are ahead for the rest of the week, along with light to breezy winds and mild temperatures that will increase throughout the week.

Happy spring skiing everyone ????

Pauline Kneller

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