Storm, Bluebird, Storm, Bluebird

Posted Sunday, March 26th, 2017 by Trey Alvey

The past 4 days have followed the pattern of a storm day followed by a bluebird day & tomorrow looks to be no exception. After a lovely bluebird ski day, another storm is on tap for Monday. Right now it looks like snow will begin for the mountains during the morning hours and pickup during the afternoon. It should be a “last chair” kind of day, or for those of you wanting to get out in the backcountry things should be filling in quite nicely for a post-work tour. Of course, as always, refer to the Utah Avalanche Center whenever venturing into the backcountry.

What am I thinking in terms of totals you ask? Well first I want to quickly recap the last couple of storms to impact Northern Utah. Both of these featured more precipitation (albeit of the rain variety) in the valleys than in the mountains! While not unheard of, it’s certainly more common to see the reverse due to orographic enhancement. Unfortunately, both of these events featured weak forcing over the Wasatch and the best upper level dynamics were displaced on 25-50 miles to far to the west. What about this storm? I’d anticipate better orographic enhancement this time around but nothing to write home about. For totals I’m expecting 6-12 inches with the Cottonwoods falling at the upper end of the range.

ECMWF model forecasted snowfall totals for this week

Thing will clear out Tuesday/Wednesday before yet another storm impacts Northern Utah on Thursday/Friday.

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