Storm on the Way

Posted Monday, March 20th, 2017 by Alex Weech

It’s been a while since a nice, cold storm has come through. Instead it has been hot, sunny, and dry. The snowpack has taken a hit even in the Central Wasatch, which isn’t surprising considering it hasn’t dropped below 0°C at Alta-Collins in over a week (granted observations there are hourly, so a brief lapse could have occurred between an observation).


Also there has been no real precipitation in the last week. This might change today as showers have been popping up over the valley and mountains this afternoon. The radar at the time of writing shows a bullseye over the Central Wasatch. The problem is that, if there isn’t a cold outflow from the storm, then this would be rain everywhere but the highest elevations.


These afternoon showers should continue for the next three days. The thing is some of the storms will have lightning in them, so you will have to be very careful when going out. They can pop out of nowhere when you are in the mountains.

The next cold storm will pass through Thursday. It’s still too far out to go into specifics, but we’re looking at 5-10″ or so in the higher elevations. How far down the snow level will creep is very uncertain, but right now a good estimate is 7500′. Thursday’s storm won’t do much for our lower elevations, but the resorts should get a little refresher.

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