Stronger Storms on the Horizon

Posted Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 by Ben Klein

TL;DR: Colder temperatures and clouds will control Northern Utah today into the night followed by a splitting trough that should bring very light if any accumulation on New Years Eve. As we look into the weekend we will see an increase in temperatures, and then followed by a series of storms.

Nowcast: We are seeing temperatures just above freezing today in the valley with mountain temperatures in the high teens to the mid twenties. It was blue this morning keeping the temperatures nice and cool, but cloud coverage should remain in control through tomorrow as a splitting trough will enter the region tomorrow.

Park City’s Silverload camera picturing the bluebird skies this AM before it went cloudy. (

Short-Term Forecast: The next 24 hours will consist of cloudy skies and the chance for 1-3 inches of snow in the Wasatch. The storm energy should arrive early in the morning around 4 am. This upper level trough isn’t very organized, so it should only bring light accumulation. The temperature in the mountains will be in the mid 20’s. It will remain cloudy through the day and start to clear up in the evening. Moving into the weekend a brief ridge will take place opening up the opportunity for some bluebird skiing before we move into a stormier pattern next week!


Long Range Forecast: Our first storm of the new year will arrive Sunday morning and should last until the evening. Its a quick moving wave of energy that will bring light to moderate accumulation in the Northern mountains of Utah. Another stronger storm will arrive late Monday and will last until Tuesday morning. This is another fast moving trough, so it won’t stick around too long, but it carries plenty of energy leaving the possibility for a good ski day on Tuesday in the Northern Wasatch. An even stronger and slower moving trough will make way on Wednesday! There’s a lot to look forward to in the near future. Let’s hope these storms give us much needed snow and start the new year off right!!!

-Ben Klein

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