Sun, Snow, Sun (Repeat?)

Posted Monday, March 22nd, 2021 by Pauline Kneller

TL;DR: Conditions are sunny and pleasant this morning before another storm will set in this afternoon bringing up to about 5 inches of snow through tomorrow.

Nowcast: It’s a beautiful blue morning in the Wasatch following up this weekend’s heavy storm that brought a total of 25” of the good stuff to Little, 20” to Big, and 12” to Park City. This morning, temperatures are in the low twenties in the Central Wasatch while northwest winds will blowing around 10-15 mph today, bringing the wind chill down into the negatives. Starting in the afternoon, another system will blow into Utah affecting the Northern and Central Wasatch, bringing up to an inch of snow before lifts stop turning this evening, and up to 3 inches of snow before midnight tonight.

A stunner of a morning shown from the Albion Basin cam at Alta. Snow showers will replace this morning’s clear skies starting in the afternoon. Courtesy of

Short-term Forecast: The bulk of the storm system resultant of this trough digging into Utah from the Northwest will persist throughout tonight and tomorrow. This storm will deposit about 3-5 inches of snow in the resorts. The trough will break off from the mean flow sometime Tuesday night to Wednesday and will be replaced by a period of higher pressure and drier conditions on Wednesday. Wednesday will be breezy, mostly sunny, and highs will be in the low thirties.

Long-term Forecast: Another storm is forecasted to start Wednesday evening or Thursday, depending on the model. This system will deposit more snow in the mountains of Southern Utah, but the Central Wasatch are allotted to get snow showers accumulating up to a few inches. More accurate values will be available by tomorrow or Wednesday. There’s chance for more snow showers this weekend, but temperatures will also be warming up over the weekend. The snow will be quite wet and heavier than we usually hope for. Nevertheless, keep the spring storms coming!

24-hour snow accumulation prediction from the GFS. The Central and Northern Wasatch will get a few inches of snow, but the larger snow totals are seen further south. Courtesy of

Snow totals: Trace to an inch of snow expected today before resorts close. An accumulation of up to 5” expected through tomorrow at the resorts, and a few inches are forecasted for Thursday. Hope you’re all getting out there to enjoy this beautiful spring weather!

Pauline Kneller

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