The Rundown

Posted Friday, February 5th, 2021 by Jackson Sponaugle

 TL;DR: Another major storm will impact the Central Wasatch today. Hopefully bringing a foot to some resorts. This fast moving storm will leave strong winds tomorrow, and sunny skies by Sunday.

Nowcast: It is around 20 degrees with light snow in the resorts this morning. Some resorts have recorded in inch or two overnight in the Central Wasatch. There are winds from the NW that could increase later today to 20+ mph.

Short-Term Forecast: Another storm has entered the region this morning and is expected to bring another dose of snow to the resorts. Most of the snow will fall Friday afternoon into Friday evening. This fast moving storm looks like it could bring Alta 10-15 inches. In the ensemble members below for Alta, most are clustered in this 10-15 region by tonight, but some suggest the favored northwest flow could tack on a couple more inches that could help Alta actually exceed 15. This storm is coming from the northwest and will favor the cottonwoods, but Brighton will see slightly less snow than Alta, their storm totals may be closer to 8-13 inches. As we move into the leeward side of the Wasatch to Park City, we see a similar story at the peak which is likely to see 7-13 inches and 4-8 inches at the Park City Base.

Long-Term Forecast: The long term forecast is mostly quiet. As the trough moves east tomorrow, there will be strong winds in the mountains and partly cloudy skies. The resorts should have calm sunny skies and warmer temperatures by Sunday. Besides that, there is a chance mid to late next week for more snow, but models are diverging at this time and does not leave us with a clear picture. Here is the 500mb Geopotential Hight Anomaly from the GFS tomorrow as the trough moves slightly to our east.


Jackson Sponaugle

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