Third Straight Saturday Powder Day

Posted Saturday, February 6th, 2021 by Ben Klein

TL;DR: The mountains of Northern Utah received anywhere from 4-17″ inches of snow in the last 36 hours. A few bluebird days to come with hope for the return of snowy weather beginning early next week.

Nowcast: Beaver Mountain came out on top with 17 inches in 24 hours, that was reported this morning as this storm was focused on Northern Utah. LCC and BCC also performed well giving us our third straight Saturday of a foot plus reported in 24 hours. Strong winds following the brunt of the snowfall made for some interesting snow at Solitude today, but nonetheless it skied well!


Short-term Forecast: Pictured above is the trough moving Northeast only slightly. This will give us a couple of warm bluebird days to enjoy the soft snow. Temperatures will push the upper 40’s in the valley tomorrow with mountain temperatures in the mid to low 30’s. In our typical Utah pattern of having storms every few days our air quality in the valley has thankfully stayed quite clean.

Troughing developing over Utah late next week that could bring some snow. (

Long-term Forecast: Beginning next Tuesday a dry cold front will move over Utah. A chance for low to moderate snowfall is possible, but we will have to see how it develops within the next few days. Stronger waves of moisture should follow. An Arctic air mass over the Southern Canadian Plains could make way later in the week and as of now it is very uncertain if it will just brush Utah or deliver some frigid temperatures.


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