Ullr Delivers!

Posted Monday, February 17th, 2020 by Tanner Visnick

TL; DR. Storm totals in the Cottonwoods are 18-22 inches, and totals east of the divide are 12-15 inches. These surpassed expectations as the models were trending downward leading up to this storm. Quiet weather this week and next weekend, with a possible storm early next week.

Good afternoon USW fans! I am currently on the road so I’m going to keep this one short. In summary, snow started just after the 5 am reports yesterday and fell steadily all day and most of the night. For one of the first times this season, BCC slightly outperformed LCC as Solitude and Brighton came away with 22 and 21 inches respectively. Winds were generally out of the W with slight variability between canyons.

Solitude Honeycomb Peak wind speed and direction for the period Sunday 2 pm MST to Monday 2 pm MST, courtesy of MesoWest
Hidden Peak wind speed and direction for the period Sunday 2 pm MST to Monday 2 pm MST, courtesy of Mesowest.

As you can see, winds were WNW at Snowbird and WSW at Solitude, which is why BCC was able to keep pace with LCC. Often times, post frontal winds switch to the NW and BCC is shut out, but this AR moisture stream from California was perfectly oriented to deliver in both canyons. There was also good spillover with Park City and Deer Valley reporting healthy totals. Sunday snow varied in density with Alta reporting 10-15% throughout the day and 2-7% overnight (numbers are from hourly density reports on Alta.com). Nice to have a right side up storm after all that dense crap last week.

Sadly I am out of town and I am unable to test the product, but based on the numbers it looks prime time. Feel free to post pictures and comment on this post with condition reports. We always like hearing about your experiences skiing The Greatest Snow on Earth.

Another story for today was congestion. By the looks of things, it was a day to head up LCC pre closure. Brighton and Solitude filled up early and for those of you up there now I’m sure it will be a long trip down this evening. Travel safe.

Long Range: Not much to talk about. We’ll be dry through at least next weekend. Long range models show a system moving through next Monday, but its too early for details. Stay tuned to USW, keep an eye on the models, and think snow.

Tanner Visnick


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