Warmest March on Record

Posted Saturday, April 1st, 2017 by Trey Alvey

After an incredible December – February for powder skiing, March was certainly a let down. This March will go down as the warmest on record for Salt Lake City. The low elevation snowpack has been seemingly torched at this point. Fortunately, upper elevation sites above 8000 feet are still fairing pretty well. The losses in snowpack below, however, are quite noticeable. This March also marked one of the wettest on record for SLC, however, the mountains did not reap a lot of those benefits. The warm temperatures meant most of those storms came in with high snow levels, and we even had a few storms that produced more QPF at the airport than in the mountains – bummer.


I don’t want to be too much of a downer, though, since this season has been great and the best in several years for Northern Utah. The Upper Cottonwoods, for instance, are closing in on 500 inches, and we still have more ski season left! How are things looking this next week?

Unfortunately, the storm for Sunday/Monday has continued to trend weaker in the models and now doesn’t look like much more than a few inches. Dust on crust conditions look likely for the next few days until mid-week when things clear out. This will hopefully soften up snow a bit and maybe even bring about a brief corn cycle if we can stay clear for a few days. The next potential for a “big storm” looks to be next weekend.

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