Weak System then Bluebird Weekend

Posted Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 by Tom Gowan

After an active few days, we can expect generally quiet conditions for the next few days. Today was mostly cloudy as southerly winds picked up out ahead of weak system. Tomorrow a weak front will cross through northern Utah midday. I’m not expecting much more than a few snow showers that may drop an inch or two in the central and northern mountains. The 26-member SREF shows most members producing less than 0.2″ liquid or about 3″ of snow at Alta.


High pressure takes over from Friday through Sunday, featuring sunny skies, calm winds, and mild temperatures in the mountains. Air quality will likely go down-hill in the valley as an inversion sets up and traps emissions. I’ll be spending my weekend up in the mountains like I’m sure many others will.

Models are starting to indicate that active weather will return to the region around next Tuesday. Below is the mean sea level pressure anomaly from the Global Ensemble Forecasts System (GEFS). Its advertising that the trough currently off the coast of California will begin to move east and bring unsettled weather back to Utah.


Enjoy the upcoming beautiful weekend out on the slopes!

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