Weekend of Showers

Posted Friday, March 1st, 2019 by Alex Weech

The stormy weather is on it’s way to northern Utah. The snow started late in the afternoon far to the north in and around Logan, and it will begin in earnest later tonight in the Cottonwoods.

Northern Utah radar tonight via National Weather Service
Northern Utah radar tonight via National Weather Service

This weekend will be filled with showery conditions and a few more widespread precipitation periods. This is courtesy of the remnants of a storm and atmospheric river that impacted California this week. They got an absolute drenching, but we’ll get some showers in the valley and several inches in the mountains. The first wave of showers will be late tonight/early tomorrow morning, and I’m expecting 5-8″ in the Cottonwoods by the middle of the day tomorrow.

After a midday break, a second band of showers will go through.¬†Maybe. There’s some uncertainly about this one. Basically a hose is pointed at Utah, and it is pointed at central Utah, but it is uncertain if the edge of it will be far enough north for the Cottonwoods to get anything. Some weather models are showing nothing, and others are showing half a foot. I am leaning towards there being a few showers but nothing substantial overnight Saturday into Sunday, just an inch or two.

Beyond the weekend, things will dry up for a bit. But by the middle of the week the next storm system will come through, and this one is looking a lot more vigorous right now.

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