Wet and Wild

Posted Saturday, April 8th, 2017 by Alex Weech

I woke up this morning with a view of snow on Mount Van Cott. Overnight snow levels must have dropped to ~6000′ with the heavy showers that affected northern Utah in the early morning hours. While a lot of water fell from the sky this morning, not all that much snow made it. The coating on Van Cott was gone nearly as soon as the sun came out, and Alta only had ~4″ of snow from the nearly three-quarters of an inch of water.

This weekend we get more than one shot at good snow, however. First was this morning, and then there were the thunderstorms this afternoon. Next is a broad area of moderate precipitation moving in from the west. This radar clip is the very image of hope. There is a lot of moisture downstream, so if all goes well the Cottonwoods will get a good soaking tonight. And, since snow levels are at 7700′ feet right now (and are only going to drop further), most of the incoming precipitation will be snow.Screenshot_20170408_190320

As far as amounts go tonight, the consensus forecast for tonight through tomorrow morning is for around an inch of water. With mountaintop temperatures being what they are, ratios aren’t going to be the best, but they’ll be pretty good for mid-April. The high elevations in the Cottonwoods can look forward to 8-12″ of snow through the end of the day Sunday, while lower spots will have to make do with 4-8″. This is exactly the sort of refresher we needed to cap off the spring.

An ensemble of probabilities for tonight at Alta-Collins in SWE

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